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Mother’s Day Wishes

Lavish bouquets, brunch, mimosas, jewellery, mushy cards, and dinner at your favorite restaurant…. all this and more are the hallmarks of Mother’s Day. A single day in the year when we honor the selflessness and sacrifice of our own mothers and as our role as moms. Commercials capitalize on the pride and power of the mothering connection. Advertisers like Dove and Proctor and Gamble know exactly how to tug on our heartstrings, and

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The Secret Loss of Miscarriage.

I’m not pregnant anymore. I have heard these words repeatedly at The Nook. And from women friends. And family. There is a beautiful, wise woman whom I have had the pleasure of meeting this year and she described it this way… “It is like a secret society basically, and you don’t really know how many people are a part of that secret society of miscarriage and pregnancy loss until you

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Supporting Friends Facing Infertility: The Do’s and Don’ts

  Don’t worry, it’ll happen.   I hear that when you’re anxious you can’t get pregnant, and as soon as you manage the anxiety you’ll be pregnant.   You should just relax.   I have this friend who had this friend who _____________ (fill in the blank with a diet, a doctor, a magic herb or supplement) and then she got pregnant!   Have you tried…?   The phrases above

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