Jennie K Ormson

Stronger Relationships, Stronger Legacy



Expert Training for Entrepreneurs

You know the 9-5 grind is grinding you down. You have big ideas and tremendous drive, but somehow you keep getting tripped up and stuck. There’s help at hand with tried and true techniques to ensure your venture reaches its full potential.  You need some confidence boosting and self-awareness tools that you can put into action now. That’s exactly what you’ll find here.
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Therapy & Relationships

Isn’t it interesting that the very skills that ensure healthy relationships are the very skills we’re never taught? Somehow we end up in unhealthy patterns of relating – with the people we love and with ourselves – over and over again. The cool part is that it’s not rocket science. Once you understand how you’re shooting yourself in the foot, and how to clean it up, EVERY relationship in your life becomes easier and more fulfilling.
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Training & Speaking

Way. To. Go! Your group or event attendees will thank you for enlisting Jennie’s fresh, dynamic perspective. Presentations and Trainings can be collaboratively crafted to meet the needs of your audience. From intimate workshops for ten, to engaging presentations for hundreds, Jennie has the ability to connect, understand, and lead people to new ways of engaging with the world around them; ways that are boundaried, respectful, direct, and fun. Always interactive, never stale, you’ll come away with new ideas and ways to reflect that will help you feel empowered and excited about your life.
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