Jennie K Ormson

Stronger Relationships, Stronger Legacy



Together, we unpack what’s going on for you, or your business, make sense of it and put it where it belongs. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how you operate, new ways of thinking, and new ways of relating to yourself and other people that make you feel good. You deserve that.

Online Courses

Desk-#2Are you stuck or struggling? Need some guidance on how to get out of the pit of despair, or the spinning hamster wheel in your head? You need some help personally or professionally and taking the time to find a great business coach or therapist may not be realistic right now. You need some relief and tools that you can put into action immediately. That’s exactly what you’ll find here.

The online courses have been carefully crafted from the content and conversations that happen at The Nook. The processes and questions that I walk clients through to develop awareness and insight, are all right here in the courses. You’ll also learn the skills you need to keep yourself from going off the rails and manage life with a direct, compassionate approach.

There are a variety of courses, from mini reminders and fundamentals, to extensive intensives. I take you from the stomach dropping, heart stopping, and emotional roller coaster ride and guide you along a more scenic route, where life feels more focused and manageable. For entrepreneurial offerings, click here. For personal offerings, click here.

Real Life, Real Time

Couch-#1For over 25 years I've been helping individuals and couples gain insight and understanding in their struggles. Whether it's your relationship with your family, colleagues, employees, or even with yourself, we build on strengths and develop skills.

I slow you down, ask questions, and together we have conversations that offer insight and help lead us to understanding the root of the problem.We then find ways to address the issues by connecting your thoughts and behavior, to habits and patterns.  We work together to explore strategies when approaching difficult situations, and I teach you the skills you need to develop solutions.

My office, The Nook, located in Toronto, is the perfect, serene setting for individuals and couples. I also offer intensive day-long or weekend-long sessions throughout Canada, America, and Europe. Contact us for details.

Training and Speaking


Ready to be challenged to stretch your ways of seeing and the ways you see yourself? Jennie is a dynamic, engaging speaker you can relate to. You’ll walk away energized and excited to try out new practical strategies. Topics include entrepreneurial EQ, rebuilding relationships, boundaries, communication skills, self-care, anxiety, grief, and divorce. Woven into each issue are the values of optimism, resilience, and authenticity.

The training and presentations that Jennie offers are 100% fresh content based on her experience as an owner of multiple businesses, a therapist and a parent. She's been in the trenches of entrepreneurship and family life, figuring out how to make relationships work under real life pressures. Jennie combines stories from her own life with research and issues that arise repeatedly at The Nook, her private practice. She is a master at simplifying concepts in a way that make a profound impact in our day-to-day lives. Jennie brings clarity, compassion, and optimism to situations that appear complex and messy.

Presentations by Jennie are filled with grace, integrity, and the humour of real life. The focus is on sharing the power of courage and creativity to establish new ways of being. With results. With conviction. With clarity. Contact us for more details on training and speaking engagements.