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The Losing Game

  When’s the last time you felt playful? I’m talking about really and truly losing yourself in a great game. Maybe tennis or team sports are your thing. Maybe you play a great game of let’s pretend ‘house’ or ‘school’ with some little people in your life. Lego? Board games? We all need some playfulness in our life. My grandmother is a great example. She’s a 92-year-old, diminutive firecracker of

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The Worry Tale

  Yesterday at The Nook I met with a fabulous client who said to me, “I’m not sure what to worry about now”. She said it half joking. And half not. As with many jokes, there was a seed of truth, a little kernel wrapped up in a distracting joke. Karen is a gentle, soft-spoken engineer in her early 50’s. Like most engineers, Karen is very pragmatic and highly analytical.

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Off They Go

It’s August twenty-eighth and another summer has slipped past. In my house we’ve got the back to school supplies covered and this weekend my partner will take the kids shopping for necessary back to school clothes (I hate shopping, except for Fluevogs and books). Catalogues are bombarding us with backpacks and lunch bags, flashy new shoes and pencil cases. Sending my kids back to school is not the happiest time

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