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Where’s Your Net?

Where’s your net? One week in November I found myself at Saint Timothy’s Anglican Church. A week later I was at Manor Road United Church. Come January, you could find me at the Anglican Church of St John the Baptist. In February it was St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. I wasn’t having a faith crisis or sampling different doctrines. I was in the lucky role of delivering faith and

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What’s The Big Rush

What’s the big rush? So you’re separated. One of you has moved out and the process of divvying up whose is whose is underway. Or as Amy Poehler puts it, “Imagine spreading everything you care about on a blanket and then tossing the whole thing up in the air. The process of divorce is about loading that blanket, throwing it up, watching it all spin, and worrying what stuff will

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It Gets Easier (…or maybe not… )

“It gets easier”. We seem to tell the sleepless parents of newborns that all the time. The truth? It does get easier. AND it gets more difficult. It gets different. Yes, for teens you’re not changing their bottoms & feeding them. But you may return to sleepless nights, lying awake worried about them. Babies may be loud, but they don’t talk back. And they certainly aren’t having sex or contemplating

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Let the music move you

Let the music move you There’s are reason that movie soundtracks are in a category of their own at the Academy Awards. Music has the ability to enhance every film scene. From award for the best original score to the best original song, music has the power to communicate through sound and incite emotion in the audience. It can scare us and soothe us. Uplift or distress—Music makes the moving

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New Baby? Exhausted?

New Baby? Exhausted? Psst. Hey you…. I have the secret to help you navigate the madness that is parenting. Oh ya, you heard me. OK, actually I have TWO secrets to help you get through it. Before we get to the fixes, let’s set the stage. You’re exhausted. Not just any kind of exhausted, thebleary-stinging-eyes Exhausted. The “I-need-an-intravenous-coffee-drip” Exhausted. The “I-fantasize-about-sleep-instead-of-sex” Exhausted. I totally get it. Some women say you

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The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth: I’m a hypocrite. There, it’s out. I’ve said it and now you have the truth (cue to red hot flush of embarrassment). This is a very bitter pill for me to swallow, but in the name of transparency and vulnerability I am going to be open with you about why you should do as I say, not as I do. Recently I was watching a video by

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Postpartum Selfie

I thought I would be an ace in the hole having babies, being a mamma. I had three degrees, one of which in child psychology. I was a child and adolescent therapist. I’d worked with kids in clinics and hospital. I’d circled the globe traveling and lived and worked abroad. Moving to other countries? No big deal! Trekking in the Himalayas? Bring it. I was never under the illusion that

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Horrible Things

Today there was another tragic news headline. It doesn’t matter where the story was, or what the story was. We know that tragedies strike in big towns and little cities, without warning, leaving communities in shock and anguish. It is hard to make sense of, but I hope you’ll consider this as a game plan. Tragedies occur, this is true. It is an indisputable fact that awful things happen, especially

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