Jennie K Ormson

Stronger Relationships, Stronger Legacy

Therapy & Relationships

Couch-#1One of the most powerful gifts we can give or receive is feeling understood. And yet, in so many of our intimate relationships we just can’t quite seem to feel connected in a way that fills us up and keeps us from slipping into not-so-healthy ways of relating.

It’s not easy to ask for help, but the payoff is worth it. We all have our blind spots and areas that could use a little bit (or a lot) of tweaking. When we work together you’ll learn about healthy boundaries, effective communication, and understanding into yourself and those around you.

I slow you down, ask questions, and together we have conversations that offer insight and help lead us to understanding the root of the problem.We then find ways to address the issues by connecting your thoughts and behavior, to habits and patterns.  We work together to explore strategies when approaching difficult situations, and I teach you the skills you need to develop solutions.

My approach to couples therapy is direct and pragmatic.  Couples bring concerns, complaints and worries about their relationship.  I provide clarity, insight and training on how to make the necessary changes to strengthen or save your relationship.  Sessions are typically between one and two hours.  Longer, more intensive sessions are also available. Therapy fees begin at $150 for 55 minute sessions. Contact us for fees for phone sessions, skype sessions, intensive half days, and sessions that require travel. For online courses on relationships, parenting, and anxiety, click here.