Jennie K Ormson

Stronger Relationships, Stronger Legacy

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Real Life Stories

I have a deep curiosity about people’s stories. REAL LIFE stories, and I revel in listening to clients recount their struggles. There is a transformative magic that happens when we are heard. Not agreed with or disagreed with, but heard and acknowledged. Sure we all want to be right, but even more fundamentally, we want to feel like someone has understood us. They “get me.” I believe we all have a fundamental desire to be heard and deserve to feel understood.

Often, we employ tactics that ensure we are not heard, and we are not understood. I have a desire to inspire women to demonstrate the very best version of themselves. I teach women learn the necessary systems and skills to bring clarity and precision to vague ideas. Vague conceptions about themselves, their thoughts, and their way of operating in the world, leaving no room for self-sabotage.

We aren’t taught how to live relationally – how to function in relationships, either with others or with ourselves. People do the best they can – or rather, people don’t always do the best they can, but they do what they are conditioned to think the best is. What they are familiar with or feel comfortable with.

I will teach you how to do it differently. How to step off the emotional roller coaster of peaks and valleys, of hope and despair, of certainty and uncertainty.

Living Intentionally

My goal is to help people leave behind a legacy of living intentionally with kindness to others and themselves, and fixing their own complex corner of the world. You may need the divorce course or the course to strengthen your relationship. Maybe you want off of the anxiety roller coaster? Perhaps the postpartum roller coaster has you exhausted and weary? Or the Toddler Roller coaster (Lord love you, that but is one WILD ride!!!!) has you at the end of your rope begging for mercy.

All of these can be managed and even enjoyed when you have the skills. If you dig deep enough and work hard by taking the risk to tell yourself the truth, you’re going to leave lighter, more optimistic, and with a road map of how to function. You’ll learn how to communicate better. This doesn’t necessarily mean MORE, it just means MORE effectively. Oftentimes it even means LESS, like knowing WHEN TO SHUT UP.

You’ll have an understanding of how to measure whether you’re on track, or not. Defensive? Negative? Emotionally exhausted? Agitated and cranky? Those are the signs. Pay close attention! You’ll gain the tools you need, a template for tackling fear, anger and anxiety, and ride those roller coasters with aplomb.